Reducing Toxin Exposure


Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen - The Environmental Working Group's guide to pesticide levels in your fruits and veggies. With limited funds, you might choose to avoid the dirty dozen (or buy organic) and eat the clean fifteen as often as possible.

Ingredients to avoid in your Cosmetics - David Suzuki’s guide to avoiding toxic chemicals in your cosmetics

Dirty Dozen Endocrine Disruptors - The Environmental Working Group's advice on avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals.

BPA in Canned Foods - Bisphenol A (BPA) is a potent hormone disrupter found in the epoxy lining of some canned products. Find out which brands do and do not use BPA in their packaging. 

Skin Deep -The Environmental Working Group's Database of safe skin and hair care, cosmetic and oral care products. Lists which potentially dangerous chemicals are in your products and how they may affect your health. 

NDRC - Learn about the damaging effects of Mercury and which fish fish have the lowest levels

Smart tips for cellphone use - 5 tips to reduce cellphone radiation exposure

F.lux app - improve your sleep with a blue light filter for your computer